Revolutionary Liberation


United as one force we will shift the planet paradigm into a frequency of consciousness where addiction does not exist.

The Wakeup is a planetary tribal community of like-minded brothers and sisters drawn together not by their wounds but by their like-minded hearts of experience and transformation of the energy of addiction and mental health labels.

The momentum created by The Wakeup is capable of creating limitless miracles. The power of us as ONE will effectively disassemble limiting constructs of old consciousness. As our numbers and influence grow we WILL be liberated from the chains of societal conditioning’s, addictions, labeling, and all Old Belief Systems which no longer serve us.

We are a community in support of you and your emergence.

The Wakeup community is beyond sobriety. We address the vibration and energy of addiction and it’s transformation. The transforming emergence from addiction is the release from the identification of ourselves to powerful mythologies we believed such as “we had to be ‘sober'”, to transform or that “we have to ‘recover'” from or that “we have a ‘disease'”. This is more addictive thinking! Applying Universal Law, the transformation process is the natural order of the falling away of all attachments and addictions triggered by your emergence into the divine self-empowered being that you are.

The community of The Wakeup is propulsing this Great Shift by the continuous transmitting and receiving of the Truth of our experiences. We are gathering together from all nations for planetary liberation as we step forward on this journey together. Your voice will be heard, and the truth of your soul validated.

“Meeting in a tribal community you are gathering vibrational momentum, enhancing and amplifying the velocity of your own ascension. As you gather and share with others who resonate with you, you stabilize and promote your personal emergence and therefore humanity’s.”The Wakeup

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